Concept test

During the concept test, ideas and concepts are checked and selected for their market opportunity and potential for success. In contrast to a product test, the concept test does not physically present the product. It is therefore important to adequately present the idea or concept to the test person, since the assessment is not based on a product experience but on a product presentation.

Communication usually takes place via ...

  • an advertising text that is presented (= verbal concept)
  • a story that is told
  • a drawing that is being sketched

Combinations of advertising text, story and drawing are also common in practice. The concept test should provide information about:

  • General idea evaluation and acceptance
  • Importance of Properties
  • Novelty of the idea or the concept
  • (possible) associations with other areas of comprehensibility
  • credibility
  • Buying interest

This phase is all about filtering out the best ideas or concepts. The results obtained then flow into product development.

Cooperation strategy
One type of competitive strategy, besides evading, adapting, and conflict. A distinction is made between informal and formal cooperation. The most important contractual partnerships are:

  • License agreements
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Franchising
  • Management contracts
  • Strategic alliances
  • Joint ventures
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