Computer technician

What is Computer Technician?
A computer technician is a person who identifies, fixes, and corrects computer problems. Computer technicians have expertise, hands-on experience, and a variety of tools to repair and maintain computer hardware, software, and network / internet problems. A computer technician is also known as a PC technician or a PC repair technician.

Although computer technicians create, assemble, install, and maintain computer systems, their primary role is troubleshooting computers, particularly hardware and operating system problems. Typically, the role of a computer technician can include:

Hardware: installing new power supplies, updating firmware, repairing motherboards, etc.

Software: Operating system troubleshooting / installation, software / application installation, virus checking / firewall integration, etc.

Network: set up and manage internet connectivity, network configuration, sharing, printer setup, etc.

External / Peripherals: Install, troubleshoot, and repair mice, keyboards, cameras, speakers, monitors, etc.

A + certification is a vendor-neutral certification program that certifies a person with computer repair skills. A computer technician can specialize in desktop computers, laptops, servers, or all of them.

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