Computer network technician

What is Computer Network Technician?
A computer network technician is an IT professional employed by a business unit to help create, maintain, and troubleshoot current and future Computer network-Hardware and software products to support business operations. A network engineer is responsible for setting up, maintaining, and upgrading networks and resources, and prepares presentations to educate management about the need to upgrade network resources.

Computer network technicians perform physical and investigative processes including technical support. Typically, experienced IT technicians specialize in an area such as information systems, data recovery, network management, or system administration.

A computer network technician must have the following skills or knowledge:

The ability to install, configure, operate, repair, maintain, diagnose, and diagnose PCs, servers, network hardware, network software, and other peripheral devices.

The ability to install, maintain, repair, and inspect network cables and other hardware.

The ability to respond quickly with solutions to malfunctions while ensuring that intended computers and network devices remain functional.

Knowledge of troubleshooting, repair and problem-solving techniques.

Knowledge of network control programs, network management and network architecture.

System administrators can also collaborate with computer network technicians. Depending on the company, which can range from local area networks (LANs) to wide area networks (WANs) and Internet Service Provider (ISP) networks, such technicians can manage network hardware including multiplexers, demultiplexers, fiber optic cables, signal amplifiers (such as Erbium, fiber optic amplifiers), routers, Switches and wireless networks.

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