Computer network defense

What is Computer Network Defense?
Computer Network Defense (CND) is a set of processes and protections that computer networks use to detect, monitor, protect, analyze and defend network infiltration that leads to service / network denial, degradation and disruption. CND enables a government or military institute / organization to defend and take revenge against network attacks perpetrated by malicious or hostile computer systems or networks.

Computer network defense is primarily a form of Cybersecurity and an information security measure to protect military and government information systems from threats from cyber attacks and intrusions. The main goal of CND is to ensure that no unauthorized, illegitimate or malicious traffic, user or application is gaining access to a confidential IT environment / network.

It is part of the Network Network Operations (CNO) suite of network operations that aim to protect, exploit, and attack hostile computer systems and networks. In addition, CND is also part of the Department of Defense's NetOps operational security framework.

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