Computer management

What is Computer Management?
Computer management is the process of administering, monitoring and optimizing a computer system for performance, availability, security and / or any basic operational requirement.

It is a general term used to describe manual and automated administrative processes in the business of a computer.

Computer management is also known as PC management or desktop management.

Computer management includes various tasks such as:

- Updating or patching a computer's operating system with the latest updates and fixes

- Installation, configuration and execution of anti-virus / Anti-malware-Software on a computer for identification, removal and protection from malicious attacks

- Manage all components on the computer in terms of drivers, permissions and basic functions

- Create and manage users

- Troubleshooting hardware, software and / or network and internet errors

- Use Disk Defragmenter and Disk Cleanup Services to remove unnecessary data and improve disk response

- Enable, disable and optimize startup and background applications to increase / maintain processing speed

Computer management is also a standard systems management function within the Windows XP operating system.

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