Computer management software

What is Computer management-Software?
Computer management software is a tool that can automate most or most of the administrative, maintenance, and monitoring tasks of a computer. The tool can perform tasks and processes that are necessary to keep or operate a computer in optimal condition.

Computer management software is also known as PC or desktop management software.

Computer management software offers workflow / process automation and management services such as the following:

Installation, update and configuration of the computer's operating system with the latest updates / patches.

Automate, schedule, and run virus, malware, and vulnerability scans on a computer.

Identify and fix hardware, software, and / or network or connection problems.

Monitoring, recording and reporting of hardware / software / network / internet usage statistics.

Optimizing a computer system for speed / performance and / or responsiveness.

Manage and update device drivers and / or software applications.

Providing remote access to a computer for an administrator or user.

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