Competency mapping

What is competency mapping?
Competence mapping identifies the strengths and weaknesses of an individual. The aim is to enable the person to understand himself better and to show where the development of the career needs to be directed.

Die Kompetenzen werden von spezifischen Jobfamilien innerhalb der Organisation abgeleitet und gruppieren sich häufig um Kategorien wie Strategie, Beziehungen, Innovation, Führung, Risikobereitschaft, Entscheidungsfindung, emotional intelligence usw.
As for the path to competency mapping, the first step is job analysis, in which the company must list the core competency requirements for the job in question. The next step should be to develop a skills scale for the job based on the parameters previously identified.

The actual mapping of employees can be a self-made exercise or it can be done by others such as supervisors. This can also be done using the 360 degree method.

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