Comparative competitive advantage

The term comparative competitive advantage was introduced into marketing theory by Klaus Backhaus. Comparative competitive advantages must not be confused with technical product advantages. A KKV can be a technical product advantage, but it does not have to be. For the customer, it ultimately depends on what gives him the greatest benefit. The customer compares (subjectively) the performance of a provider with the performance of the relevant competitors. He will only be willing to pay the higher price for a technically superior problem solution if it brings him a corresponding benefit (benefit leadership).

Komparative Konkurrenzvorteile werden im Verkaufsgespräch und in der Werbung als Argumente verwendet (Allein- und Spitzenstellungswerbung). Diese Form der Werbung ist in Deutschland erlaubt, falls keiner der im UWG aufgeführten Ausnahmetatbestände vorliegt (Comparative advertising).

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