Communication square

The communication square is a model by the psychologist Friedemann Schulz von Thun, which describes the multifaceted nature of human expressions. According to this model, every utterance contains four pages at the same time:

  1. Factual page
  2. Revelation Page
  3. Relationship side
  4. Appeal side

That Four-sided model der Kommunikation wird im Folgenden am Beispiel des persönlichen Verkaufs erläutert:

The factual side concerns the facts, data and facts contained in the statements of the seller. The customer assesses whether the information is correct or incorrect, important or unimportant and sufficient or in need of additional information.

The Revelation Page enthält Informationen über die Persönlichkeit des Verkäufers. Seine Äußerungen liefern Hinweise darauf, was in ihm vorgeht, wofür er steht und wie er seine Rolle auffasst („Ich bin okay / nicht okay“). Der Kunde nimmt die Offenbarungen des Verkäufers wahr und interpretiert sie (JOHARI window).

The relationship side uses body language, wording, tone of voice etc. to express how the salesperson feels about the customer and what he thinks of him ("You are okay / not okay"). A good relationship between seller and customer is characterized by the fact that both interlocutors accept and respect one another.

The roll call page The sales pitch contains advice, recommendations and / or decision support. So the customer receives information about what to do or not to do.

Schulz von Thun illustrates the four sides of an utterance by assigning "four beaks" (speaking tubes) to the respective transmitter and "four ears" (hearing tubes) to the respective receiver. The quality of a sales pitch depends on the extent to which the four sides of the utterances received correspond to the four sides of the utterances sent. If one or more of the utterances sent are interpreted differently by the recipient than intended by the sender, there will be misunderstandings or communication disruptions.

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