Communication Security (COMSEC)

What is communication security (COMSEC)?
Communication security (COMSEC) ensures the security of the confidentiality and integrity of telecommunications - two pillars of information security (IA). In general, COMSEC can refer to the security of information that is transmitted, transmitted or communicated.

There are five types of COMSEC security: Cryptosecurity: This encrypts data and makes it illegible until the data is decrypted. Emission Security (EMSEC): This prevents the release or detection of emanations from devices such as cryptographic devices, thus preventing unauthorized eavesdropping. Physical security: This ensures security and prevents unauthorized access to cryptographic information, documents and devices. Traffic Flow Security: Hides messages and message features flowing on a network. Transmission security (TRANSEC): This protects transmissions from unauthorized access and thereby prevents interruptions and damage.

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