Communication policy

The communication policy is part of the Marketing mix, to which the Product policy, Pricing policy, and Distribution policy belong. As part of the communication policy, relevant information from the three other areas is communicated externally to customers / the public and internally to employees / shareholders

Individual measures of communication policy

The communication policy includes the following individual measures:

  • advertising
  • PR / public relations
  • Sales promotion
  • Personal sale
  • Measure
  • Sponsorship
  • Events

Communication policy criteria

The communication aims to actively influence the opinions and attitudes of the recipients - for example by changing consumer behavior. The following criteria are taken into account in the strategic planning of communication:

  • Communication goals
  • Target group determination
  • Embassies
  • Communication channels (e.g. advertising material and advertising media)
  • budgeting
  • Duration of the measures
  • Success control

The communication policy uses the results of the communication sciences, which among other things build on the Lasswell formula: "Who says what to whom via which channel with what effect."

Components of the communication policy

The components of the communication policy include the following:

  • AIDA model
  • Communication policy processes
  • Instruments of communication policy
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