Common instruction set

What is Common Instruction Set?
The Common Command Set (CCS) is a set of additional standards for the Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) in order to increase market acceptance. It was created to ensure that SCSI devices become vendor independent and ensure compatibility between different products by not deviating from the SCSI design by adding or revising features, but by enforcing those features.

The Common Command Set for Direct Access Devices was designed and proposed as a set of protocols that promote the interoperability of different SCSI devices regardless of manufacturer. As long as the manufacturer has adhered to the implementation of the SCSI standard and the CCS, the devices should be compatible.

The CCS does not deviate significantly from the proposed standard, or even precludes or negates the use and creation of additional commands, and it does not create an entirely new standard. The CCS simply selects and enforces a universally common implementation of the draft SCSI standard. It also defines additional but optional features that are not found on the original standard.

Example commands include:


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