Commodity hardware

What is commodity hardware?
Commodity-Hardware ist ein Begriff für erschwingliche Geräte, die im Allgemeinen mit anderen solchen Geräten kompatibel sind. In einem Prozess, der als Commodity computing oder Commodity Cluster Computing bezeichnet wird, sind diese Geräte oft miteinander vernetzt, um mehr Rechenleistung zu bieten, wenn sie nicht mehr aufwändigere Supercomputer kaufen oder die Einsparungen beim IT-Design maximieren wollen.

In many cases, hardware setups are inexpensive desktop computers or workstations that are IBM compatible and can run operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux and DOS without additional software or adjustments. These hardware components can be connected and integrated to form more complex computing environments without the need to purchase a lot of additional high-design hardware.

Another example of off-the-shelf hardware is a strategy for some businesses that uses simpler server hardware, e.g. E.g. a collection of x86 servers for simple or scaled-down database environments rather than upgrading to more expensive server devices. This is another good demonstration of the philosophy behind standard hardware setups, which is that less expensive and simpler devices can be networked together to create more business computing opportunities. Organizations using a commodity computing model can often save many thousands of dollars on IT procurement plans.

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