Command line scanner

What is command line scanner?
Ein Befehlszeilen-Scanner ist ein Antiviren- oder Anti-Malware-Scanner, der die Command line anstelle einer grafischen Benutzeroberfläche verwendet. Ein bekannter Open-Source-Befehlszeilen-Virenschutz ist ClamAV. Andere Anti-Malware-Entwickler, darunter Kaspersky und Avira, haben Befehlszeilen-basierte Versionen verfügbar oder können das Programm über die Befehlszeile aufrufen.

A command line scanner is an anti-malware program called from the command line. These types of antivirus are usually associated with Unix / Linux systems, but they are also available for Windows and macOS. One such program is ClamAV.

The advantage of a command line scanner is its low overhead. Because a command line program does not have a graphical user interface, it can run faster than a graphical program. Because antivirus scanning is an intensive operation, it can result in a noticeable performance benefit. The other advantage is that such a program can run on a 'headless' server without a display. An email server can include antivirus scanning in send and receive operations.

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