Combined drive

What is a combo drive?
A combo drive is a drive that supports multiple types of CD multimedia operations. It can be a drive that supports both CD and DVD operations, or one that supports multiple formats like HD and Blu-ray.

The term 'combo drive' has been most commonly used to refer to drives that can read and write CDs while also reading DVDs. These are sometimes called CDRW DVD drives.

Drives with the ability to read and write in both formats are typically not referred to as combo drives, but can be referred to as DVD burners or full-featured CD / DVD drives. Because of this, drives called 'combo drives' are not widely used in new computers and devices. This is because newer types of drives can usually read and write in both CD and DVD formats. As mentioned earlier, a drive that can support more than one format, e.g. B. Blu-ray, also known as a combo drive.

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