Color value

What is color value?
In color theory, a color value is actually a shadow of lightness. IT professionals or other users can use the terms 'brightness' and 'color value' interchangeably. Color values are often presented on a chart or graph to help developers or others choose from various specific hues to use in visual projects.

A color scale begins with light and ends with dark. Other categories in between can be light / medium, medium and medium / dark. Again, the color values for digital projects are often presented on a digital graphic, scale, or a specific range that users can choose from. In addition to color values, users can add varying amounts of red, green, or blue, or other primary colors to create secondary hues.

Color values are important for making precise decisions in the vast gamut of colors made possible with hardware in the 1990s. Before that, digital color was mostly limited to a few individual basic colors. The rapid advancement of color display technology has resulted in the application of certain color values on displays being much more emphasized.

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