Collaborative learning

What is collaborative learning?
Collaborative learning is an e-learning technique in which one or more students, teachers and / or individuals learn, explore and share an educational course together. Collaborative learning enhances the typical educational approach by allowing remotely connected peers and individuals to work together in real time using technological tools and resources.

A computer / technology-based collaborative learning approach was designed primarily to bridge the gap between peers and teachers. A collaborative learning environment has several delivery modes; For example, class-based learning is facilitated by remotely connected learners / teachers and / or provided entirely over the Internet.

Collaborative learning is generally achieved through a collaboration system that enables real-time communication and collaboration between multiple users. Each student or teacher can interact and communicate with the others in real time, through instant messaging, voice, video or a combination of communication solutions. Students can share, collaborate and work on various assignments and assignments through a web-based portal.

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  • collaborative learning
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