Collaborative browsing

What is collaborative browsing?
Collaborative browsing is a browsing method that enables more than one individual to view a particular web resource at the same time and facilitates remote and / or real-time access or work. This is useful for group projects that require shared information access between users.

Collaborative browsing is also known as co-browsing.

Experts have found that good collaborative browsing tools provide effective solutions for sharing without the need for high-speed broadband for each page. Properly designed, a shared URL resource or other collaborative browsing method can enable simultaneous viewing without consuming many resources for the remote shared connection. This usually works by offering multiple versions of a browser with low complexity or a similar strategic design. Collaborative browsing tools can also include various forms of support communication and shared web access, such as an audio telecommunication link or fax / document sending applications.

Collaborative browsing technologies are useful for many reasons. When these types of resources have collaborative update capabilities, multiple users can perform tasks together. Collaborative browsing can also be useful in a vendor-client situation where a knowledgeable salesperson guides an end user through a particular technology or demonstrates products through web pages.

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