Collaboration diagram

What is a collaboration diagram?
A collaboration diagram is a type of visual presentation that shows how different software objects in an entire IT architecture interact with one another and how users can benefit from this collaboration. A collaboration diagram often comes in the form of a visual diagram that resembles a flowchart. It can show at a glance how a single unit of software complements other parts of a larger system.

In many cases, a collaboration diagram shows how a system made up of individual pieces of software works in real time. In other cases, the flowchart objects can represent a more abstract interaction, e.g. For example, a general cause-and-effect relationship or an event-driven collaboration that can occur over time.

In general, the labels on a collaboration chart are determined by the needs of the user base. Someone creating this type of resource could use actual filenames, common expressions that represent the function of programs, or even custom symbols to show how parts of a system work together. With the help of customized collaboration diagrams, business leaders and others can learn more about what is going on in a complex IT system and how software interactions work.

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