Cold backup

What is cold backup?
A cold backup is a backup that is performed while a database or system is offline or in shutdown mode. In contrast, other types of backups can be performed while a database is running and data is flowing into or out of the database or data warehouse structure.

The idea behind cold backup is that if the backup occurs while a database is not, it is easier to back up some files and forms of information that are at risk if the backup attempt is made while those files are in progress runs.

Experts have discussed certain scenarios and operating systems (OS) where cold backup might be a better option. On the other hand, the main disadvantage of cold backup is that a system essentially has to stop in order to restore data.

Some managers get around the idea of downtime by performing cold backups in dormant shifts when data activity is already very low or absent. Cold backups can be useful for disaster recovery and other plans to protect valuable data and can be made using various backup media such as tape or disks, or by routing data from the offline database to one Cloud hostingSystem.

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