Code management

What is code management?
Code management when editing changes to computer code. In contrast to general project management, code management deals with the precise management of code modules or collections of lines of code to support changes or specific goals such as maintenance or debugging.

Code control is sometimes referred to as source control when the processing of code involves questioning an interface to the actual programming hidden beneath it.

Developers and other users can use code management to more effectively change code or better understand changes that have been made. The code management also takes into account problems such as debugging or troubleshooting.

Aspects of code management are sometimes referred to as version control or version control. This type of management has to do with processing sequences of consecutive code designs that represent changes to a programming project over time. Suppose a development team starts with a simple program called Walnut, followed by some updates and a resulting version called Walnut Version 2. As features and changes are added, developers come up with Walnut Version 3 and Version 4. Version control tools help with all of them these different instances of a program to work for comparison and other precise applications.

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