Cocoa touch

What is Cocoa Touch?
Cocoa Touch is a user interface framework provided by Apple for building software applications for products such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It is primarily written in the Objective C language and is based on Mac OS X. Cocoa Touch was developed on the basis of the Model-View-Controller software architecture. The cross-application programming interfaces available in Cocoa Touch enable animation, networking, and the look and feel of the native platform for the developed applications with less code development.

The main features of Cocoa Touch are:
Core Animation: Helps create rich user experiences as the visuals can be easily moved around. It also fills in the intermediate frames of the animation with automatic timing and adjustment.
Core audio
Core Data: Offers an object-oriented data management solution and helps with the logical and graphical definition of the data model of an application.
Cocoa Touch consists of several frameworks, but the most important are:

Audio and video
- core audio
- OpenAL
- Media library
- AV Foundation

Data management
- core file

Graphics and animation
- core animation
- OpenGL ES
- Quartz 2D

Networking and the Internet
- Bonjour
- Webkit
- BSD sockets

User applications
- Address book
- Core situation
- card set
- shop kit

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