Cobweb site

What is Cobweb Site?
Cobweb site is a slang term that refers to a website that has not been updated for a long period of time, even though it is still accessible from the Internet. A website can become a cobweb site for a short time, while the originator has other interests or is a really forgotten part of the web. Cobweb websites can actually get pretty high on searches for timeless content, but searching for timeless content usually has a freshness factor that filters out Cobweb's websites.

Unlike abandoned structures in the offline world, websites don't actually collect dust, cobwebs, and mice if they're not looked after, so they can be difficult to spot. Basically, the speed at which a site becomes a cobweb site depends on how timely their viewers expect it to be.

A daily sports results page can be considered a spinning web page within a week, while a page devoted to ancient Greek poetry can be years before viewers realize that it has not been updated. Common signs of a Cobweb website are: A copyright date that is several years in the past A lack of content post dates in the current year 1990 Design touches like animated GIFs, visible tables to create columns, a Netscape -Button, etc. Animated Wallpaper.

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