Cluster virus

What is cluster virus?
A cluster virus is a type of virus that ties its own execution to the execution of various software programs. These viruses usually work by modifying directory or registry entries so that when a program starts, the virus starts too.

Experts sometimes call this type of virus a cluster virus because it can load various directory pointers that ensure that every program on a data carrier is infected with the virus, even though only one copy of the virus actually exists.

Experienced users can sometimes bypass a cluster virus by using the CheckDisk utility and other elements of the operating system to diagnose and remove the virus. However, less experienced users can delete important program information using operating system prompts.

A prominent example of a cluster virus is the Dir-2 virus. This is sometimes classified as a 'stealth' virus because of some of its natural defenses. This virus is commonly attributed to Bulgaria and attacks various types of executable files.

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