What is cloudware?
Cloudware refers to software that is created, deployed, deployed and accessed entirely from a remote web server or from the 'cloud' which is a remote web server. It is a software delivery model that delivers software over the Internet.

Cloudware can also be referred to as a web-based application or SaaS in terms of the service model. Cloudware sometimes also refers to software that enables the creation and delivery of software solutions and services from the cloud.

Cloudware is primarily any software that runs or is delivered by a remote web server under a subscription-based deployment model. The web server is located and hosted by a service provider or software provider that allows users to log in and access the software. Cloudware does not require end users or subscribers to purchase the software. Instead, they are charged a monthly recurring fee or a pay-per-user fee. Because the cloudware is hosted and managed by the provider, end users only receive the most current, secure, and reliable version of the software.

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