Cloud storage service

What is cloud storage service?
Cloud-Speicherdienst ist ein Cloud computing-Dienstangebot, bei dem Daten unter Verwendung eines Utility-Computing-Modells über das Internet von einem Remote-Cloud-Speicherserver gespeichert, bearbeitet und abgerufen werden können.

The cloud storage service, a service model for infrastructure as a service (IaaS), offers scalable, flexible and redundant storage capacity via web services API, online interfaces and thin client applications.

The cloud storage service is also known as utility storage service and storage as service.

Cloud Storage Service was developed to provide applications, services and organizations with access to outsourced storage capacities that can be made available immediately, can be flexibly scaled at runtime and are globally available.

The cloud storage service is provided, hosted and managed by the Storage Service Provider (SSP). It works on the combination of storage servers based on a storage virtualization architecture. This technique enables a single storage server to create multiple logical and virtual drives with scalable capacity and tight coupling. End users and applications access the logical storage via the online administration interface or integrate the manufacturer APIs into the application and only calculate the measured storage capacity.

Cloud storage services are provided in public and hybrid storage models.

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