Cloud storage gateway

What is cloud storage gateway?
A cloud storage gateway is a software or hardware network device that provides connectivity and protocol translation services between a cloud storage service provider and local customer applications. It is implemented on a local machine or application to facilitate data transfer between incompatible protocols, security and compression services.

A cloud storage gateway is also known as a cloud storage controller or cloud storage appliance.

A cloud storage gateway is designed to provide interoperability between different data protocols used in a client / server cloud architecture. It enables interoperability between the application programming interface (API) of a client's REST / SOAP-based data store and the Internet SCSI (iSCSI), Fiber Channel (FC) and other cloud storage server system protocols.

In general, cloud storage gateways are implemented as software gateways that provide a range of services for seamless data transfer and query between remote cloud storage servers, data compression for faster transfers, versioning and control of entire storage snapshots, and runtime encryption for secure data transmission.

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