Cloud data protection

What is cloud data protection?
Cloud data protection is a type of data protection model for protecting stored, static and moving data in the cloud. It is designed to implement optimal data storage, protection and security practices.

Cloud data protection offers and secures various services and processes, such as:

Integrity: data has the same form as its saved version. Data encryption measures are implemented to protect data from illegal processing and corruption.

Speicherverwaltung: Die Cloud infrastructure muss bei Bedarf eine sichere und ständig verfügbare Schnittstelle für den Datenzugriff bereitstellen. Darüber hinaus werden die Protokolle jedes Datenzugriffs-, Editier- und Kopiervorgangs verwaltet.

Infrastructure Security: These are the common processes, policies, and measures that ensure the security of the cloud / storage infrastructure.

An example of protecting cloud data is Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS), which provides managed data protection services for stored cloud data.

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