Cloud printing service

What is cloud printing service?
A cloud printing service is an electronic service that allows users to print from any device on a network.

Wie andere Cloud services funktioniert auch ein Cloud-Druckdienst nach dem Prinzip der Software als Service (SaaS) oder aus der Ferne gelieferter Lösungen. Im Fall eines Druckdienstes gibt es ein Modell, bei dem das System die digitalen Informationen an einen Netzwerkpunkt liefert, an dem der Drucker es abholen kann.

While the idea behind this technology sounds simple, cloud printing services are actually a major innovation when it comes to helping users connect digital devices and workstations, including smartphones and mobile devices, to physical printer stations. Prior to these systems, businesses and individual users used cables to connect printers to other devices. However, wired printing systems began to present extensive problems for many users. Many of these problems had to do with the software drivers or other compatibility tools used for printing. In too many cases the printer would not recognize a single device. Print job queues in software applications have not been able to effectively resolve these situations, leading to a great deal of frustration that played out even on very simple print networks.

Cloud printing services reduce the need for specific software drivers to connect a specific device to a printer. Instead, the printer can get the digital information directly from the cloud service, resulting in a much more reliable printing service over a network with many different pieces of hardware. With cloud printing services, it is also possible to print from different locations.

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