Cloud operations management

What is cloud operations management?
Cloud operations management is the process that designs, monitors, controls, and then redesigns cloud operating processes.

It is intended to ensure that the cloud operation is efficient in order to use resources as required and to meet the requirements for service quality, compliance requirements and, in particular, customer satisfaction. This includes managing hardware and software as well as network infrastructures to promote an efficient and lean cloud environment.

Cloud Operations Management is integrated into every day's routine in a cloud environment for both the service provider and the client.

Different approaches can be used, but the concept and general practices remain the same; One of them is resource capacity planning, which is required for both service providers and tenants.
Analytics is heavily tied into cloud operations management and is used to maximize the visibility of the cloud environment. This gives the company the intelligence it needs to control resources and execute services safely and cost-effectively.

Improve efficiency and minimize the risk of disruption

Deliver the speed and quality that users expect and demand

Reduce the cost of providing cloud services and justify your investment

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