Cloud computing reseller

What is a cloud computing reseller?
A cloud computing reseller is a type of IT service provider who purchases cloud computing products and services from a cloud service provider and resells them to its own customer base. They are similar to IT products and service resellers who deal specifically with cloud computing products.

A cloud computing reseller can also be referred to as a value-added cloud reseller.

Ein Cloud-Computing-Reseller kann meist alle Cloud-Computing-Services wie Software, Infrastruktur, Storage, Services usw. weiterverkaufen. Sie kaufen Cloud-Produkte und -Dienstleistungen wie Cloud storage, Softwarelizenzen, Server-Stacks und verkaufen sie an ihren Kunden, nachdem sie etwas Profit gemacht haben . Wenn der Cloud-Computing-Reseller unter einem White-Label-Reselling-Programm arbeitet, kann er die Cloud-Produkte oder -Dienste als seine eigenen umbenennen und weiterverkaufen.

A cloud computing reseller acts as a value added reseller (VAR) if he combines and / or supplements the cloud product / service with additional values or functions. For example, when a cloud computing reseller combines their photo editing software with the cloud provider's storage service to add value to the software product.

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