Cloud Computing Manifesto

What is Cloud Computing Manifesto?
The cloud computing manifesto is a kind of industry-wide declaration of the principles of providing cloud computing services. It incorporates some specific principles of cloud computing service delivery, including user-friendly design, transparency, and security. It is dedicated to the belief that the cloud should be open. This manifest followed the earlier evolution of the Cloud Computing Bill of Rights, which addressed similar issues from the user's point of view, as well as a more controversial version of the document, the Open Cloud Manifesto.

That Cloud computing Manifest wurde durch Konsens entwickelt, indem es in einem MediaWiki Wiki gehostet wird und unter einer Creative Commons Lizenz verfügbar ist.

News in 2009 suggests that an original version of the cloud computing manifesto generated some criticism from tech giant Microsoft, who claimed it was secretly launched by an unknown group of IT companies, raising questions about conflicts of interest . The successive version of the Cloud Computing Manifesto appeared in 2009 with a more transparent authorship and public hosting under a Creative Commons license.

Some provisions of the Cloud Computing Manifesto include the idea that security is a fundamental part of cloud computing services. This aligns with the key needs of cloud service buyers, especially businesses where better security is one of the greatest advantages of cloud computing and cluster security is one of the worst commitments down the line. The Cloud Computing Manifesto also prevents discrimination, promotes the development of products and distinguishes transparency and openness with regard to standards, products and user roles in the industry.

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