Cloud communication

What is cloud communication?
Cloud-Kommunikation ist die Mischung mehrerer Kommunikationsmodalitäten. Dazu gehören Methoden wie Sprache, E-Mail, Chat und Video, um die Kommunikationsverzögerung zu reduzieren oder zu eliminieren. Cloud-Kommunikation ist im Wesentlichen Internet-basierte Kommunikation. Der Speicher, Anwendungen und Switching werden von einem Drittanbieter über die Cloud verwaltet und gehostet. Cloud services sind ein breiterer Aspekt der Cloud-Kommunikation. Diese Dienste fungieren als primäres Datenzentrum für Unternehmen, und Cloud-Kommunikation ist eine der Dienstleistungen von Cloud-Service-Providern.

With the introduction of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), cloud communication has evolved from data to voice. One branch of cloud communication is cloud telephony, which specifically relates to voice communication.

Cloud communication providers host communication services through servers that they own and maintain. In turn, customers access these services via the cloud and only pay for the services they use, eliminating the need for maintenance associated with PBX (private branch exchange) provisioning.

Cloud communications offers a wide variety of communication resources, from servers and storage to enterprise applications such as data security, email, backup and recovery, and voice, all of which are delivered over the Internet. The cloud offers a hosting environment that is flexible, instant, scalable, secure, and readily available.

The need for cloud communication results from the following trends in companies:

Distributed and decentralized corporate processes in branch and home offices

Increase the number of communication and data devices accessing corporate networks

Hosting and managing IT assets and applications

These trends have forced many companies to seek outside services and outsource their IT and communication needs. The cloud is hosted and managed by a third party, and the company pays and uses the cloud space for its needs. This has saved companies the cost of hosting and managing data storage and communication.

The following are some of the communication and application products that an enterprise can use under cloud communication:

- private branch exchange
- SIP trunking
call center
- fax services
- Interactive speech output
- texting
- voice transmission
- Call tracking software
- Contact center telephony

All of these services cover the various communication needs of a company. These include customer relationships, intra- and inter-branch communications, departmental memos, conference, call routing and tracking services, operations centers and the office communications hub.

Cloud communications is a center for all business-related communications hosted, managed, and maintained by third party vendors for a fee billed to the company.

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