Cloud acceleration

What is cloud acceleration?
Cloud acceleration is a type of service that enables content creators, publishers, or other organizations to quickly deliver content to end users or consumers. It provides the technology and services that ensure rapid delivery of content or data to a requesting node.

Cloud acceleration takes place via a cloud-managed service platform that is provided via a cloud accelerator. An organization that provides a cloud acceleration service has a network infrastructure specifically designed for high-speed data transmission and routing. Typically, cloud acceleration is achieved by optimizing and fine-tuning the internet-based delivery network for improved performance and lower latency.

A cloud acceleration service provider manages all traffic coming directly from a host server to a destination node, processing network performance metrics such as TCP optimization, Quality of Service (QoS), and network load management.

A cloud acceleration service is similar to a content delivery network (CDN) but is specifically designed for streaming or dynamic content / data.

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