Cloning software

What is cloning software?
Cloning software is a set of tools that can be used to make a complete copy of a hard drive into an image file. This copy can then be used to duplicate the contents of a hard drive on the same computer or on a new computer. The cloned disk is a bit-by-bit copy.

Mit der Cloning-Software wird eine vollständige Backup copy einer Festplatte erstellt, wobei herkömmliche Sicherungssoftware normalerweise mit einzelnen Dateien arbeitet. Eine Bit-für-Bit-Kopie wird in eine Image-Datei kopiert, die dann im Fall eines Fehlers auf die Festplatte zurückkopiert werden kann.

There are several main uses for cloning software. Organizations can load a standard operating system and application image file and deploy it to all computers using a clone server. If the hard drive is upgraded to a larger drive, all information can be copied to the image being restored after the new drive is installed. A computer that is sold or given to a new user can be reloaded with an image without the previous user's files.

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