Clone tool

What is clone tool?
A clone tool is a feature in many graphics programs, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape, GIMP, and others, that allows users to replace part of an image with another. It is also known as a stamp or a clone brush because the icon on the toolbar is often similar to a stamp. This clone tool is mainly used for photo retouching.

In many image editing programs, the clone tool uses texture synthesis to fill in gaps in an image. It is usually used to remove imperfections in photos, such as blemishes or phone wires. The clone tool is first used to capture part of an image which is then used to replace the unwanted parts. For example, for blemishes, a user can use the clone tool on an undamaged part of the person's skin, and for phone wires, a user can use the clone tool on the part of the image that contains the sky.

When used correctly, the clone tool can allow the use of images that would otherwise be rejected for technical errors. However, if used excessively, an image can look unnatural.

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