Clock speed / clock frequency

What is clock speed?
Clock speed is the number of cycles per second generated by a crystal oscillator that controls the timing for a synchronous circuit like a CPU. The clock frequency is measured in megahertz (MHz) or gigahertz (GHz).

Der Taktgeschwindigkeitszyklus einer CPU ist eine sich wiederholende Variation der hohen und niedrigen Spannungen, die an einen Crystal oscillator gesendet werden. Dieses stetige Muster erzeugt eine Frequenz, die durch die Anzahl der Male geregelt wird, die die Spannung von hoch nach niedrig geht. Ein Zyklus ist normalerweise weniger als eine Nanosekunde. Die CPU-Anweisungen werden während bestimmter Punkte der Welle implementiert. Eine volle Welle wird als Instruktionen pro Zyklus (IPC) bezeichnet.

Increasing the CPU clock speed is one of several ways to improve the speed of the information processed.

The clock speed is also referred to as the clock frequency or clock frequency.

A faster clock speed can speed up processing, but increasing the clock speed at an accelerated rate can sometimes be detrimental to a PC, especially if other components are not being updated. Depending on the CPU, it can process one or more commands per cycle. Newer PCs can process more than one command per cycle and usually have a larger bus that determines how fast data moves on the motherboard.

References to the clock speed cycle are often synonymous with a fixed sine waveform known as a sine wave or sine wave. The cycles move between a logic 0 and a logic 1 state to form a complete cycle. In order to achieve a maximum clock rate and to function properly, the clock pulse must terminate the current signal line before the next line can begin. The transition of the signal line alternates between 0 and 1 back and forth. If the next signal starts too early, the result will be inaccurate. The IPC is one of the many factors that affect CPU performance.

References to software benchmarks are usually the best way to compare different CPU families rather than just referring to clock speeds.

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