Clippy (Microsoft Word)

What is Clippy (Microsoft Word)?
Clippy is a nickname for an animated character who acts as an 'office assistant' in some forms of Microsoft Word. Clippy, or Clippit, was an animated part of Microsoft's graphical user interface for its word processor and other elements of the Microsoft Office suite. It was added to Windows 97 and later broken into newer versions of the operating system.

The idea behind Clippy was to provide users with instant help with various projects. The concept of using an animated helper was something that was a permanent part of Microsoft's strategy, although marketers found that many users didn't want this type of addition to the interface.

In terms of development, the office assistant software behind Clippy used a number of Bayesian algorithms to determine what a user would need help with. The office assistant worked with clue entry, much like other additions to MS Word and MS Office like AutoFormat which was also a controversial part of MS Office design.

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