Clickwrap Agreement

What is the Clickwrap Agreement?
A clickwrap agreement is a type of contract commonly used in software licenses and online transactions that require a user to agree to the terms of use before using the product or service.

The format and content of Clickwrap agreements vary from provider to provider. However, most clickwrap agreements require end-user consent by clicking 'OK', 'I Agree', or 'I Agree' in a pop-up window or dialog box. The user can reject the agreement by clicking the Cancel button or by closing the window. Once rejected, the user will not be able to use the service or product.

A clickwrap agreement is also known as a clickwrap license or click-through agreement.

There is a possibility that you agree to edit contracts on a regular basis. These agreements usually appear on an independent page when the user registers online, e.g. B. when creating an e-mail account, during the online banking registration process, when making an online purchase or when installing a new program. Sometimes these agreements are ridiculous, showing dozens of pages of text in a tiny window that virtually no user would take the time to read.

The term comes from shrink wrap contracts, which are also common in the software industry. The main idea is that the user will receive a message saying that 'by opening this package you agree to our terms of use ...'.

The Clickwrap Agreement enables online businesses to have contracts with numerous customers without negotiating with them individually. Clickwraps also enable companies to save electronic signatures and to incorporate additional clauses that this cyber law does not offer.

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