Click tracking

Tracking engl. = pursue. Use: Package tracking, Custom Tracking, Web Tracking.

What is click tracking?
Click tracking is a technique used to determine and record which computer users click their mouse while surfing the Internet. The click action is then sent and logged by the client, web browser, or server while the computer user continues to browse and click on the ad application or web page. This method is very useful for determining the effectiveness and productivity of market research and software testing, among other things. Click tracking is also known as click stream.

Click tracking creates a click stream in a chain of page requests and a signal is generated with each page. These signals are then collected and this gives the webmasters an idea of what the users are researching or clicking within a website. As this technology evolves, user privacy concerns arise as several ISPs have chosen to sell users' click stream data. Although this data may not directly identify individual computer users, it may be possible to indirectly identify users based on their click patterns.

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