Clean technology

What is clean technology?
Clean technology is a general term for technology that aims to reduce dependence on non-renewable resources and promote sustainability. This idea is promoted by groups like the Clean Technology Trade Alliance, a global agency interested in making tomorrow's IT world more energy efficient and less wasteful.

Problems related to clean technology can include the procurement of energy needed to maintain a hardware environment, including servers, workstations, and other essential pieces of a business or organization's technical infrastructure. For example, switching an energy source from coal or other fossil fuels to something like solar or hydropower could be described as a clean technology initiative. In fact, in many cases the term refers to solar and other alternatives that some see as renewable energy projects with high future potential in global markets. Some experts add that the use of the term 'clean technology' or 'clean technology' can also imply a market-oriented program with a financial incentive.

Other aspects of clean technology include lowering the overall carbon footprint of an operation by reducing the energy needed to sustain it. Energy-saving hardware functions can help, as can high-level decisions about which aspects of an operation are important to serve an organization's primary interests. Clean technology will continue to be a major issue within the IT community as governments and businesses consider the cost of high energy consumption.

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