Claim management

Also known as: Claim management, claim management

The term claim management is understood to mean all activities necessary to enforce your own legitimate claims against project partners or to successfully ward off unauthorized third-party claims.

Definition / explanation

Nachforderungsmanagement, auch Nachtragsmanagement oder Claim Management, bezeichnet alle vorsorgenden und reaktionären Maßnahmen, die ergriffen werden, wenn sich Vertragspartner nicht vertragskonform verhalten oder erkennbar verhalten werden. In der Norm DIN 69905 ist es die „Überwachung und Beurteilung von Abweichungen bzw. Änderungen und deren wirtschaftlichen consequences zwecks Ermittlung und Durchsetzung von Ansprüchen“ definiert.

The objectives of claim management are therefore the early identification of risks, the establishment and preparation of your own claims and their enforcement, as well as the avoidance of legal disputes.

Claim management causes additional work, but it is a protective mechanism to be compensated for delays through no fault of your own or to ward off third-party claims. In this way, projects can be successfully implemented financially despite deviations with a successful claim management.

Often the responsibility of non-conforming execution is not the point in dispute, but rather the amount and impact of the damage. Claim management is particularly common in the construction industry, as many contractual partners usually work together here and the performance of one's own work requires advance payments by others.

Steps in claim management

Active claim management is based on a contractually regulated project order.

In a first step, deviations are identified, whereby precise knowledge of the contract and the structure of the service to be provided are essential. This is followed by an impact analysis of the deviations according to effort, time and costs in order to be able to make detailed requirements. These are then communicated to the contractor in order to negotiate an acceptable solution. This can be a contract change or a reimbursement of costs.

Zur Vermeidung von Fremd-Claims empfiehlt sich eine saubere Project planning, ein abgestimmtes Projektverständnis und ein Meilenstein-Konzept mit dem Auftraggeber mit lückenloser Fortschrittsdokumentation.


  • Claims management is understood to mean all measures that are taken when contractual partners do not behave in accordance with the contract or are noticeably behaving
  • Objectives: early identification of risks, establishment and preparation of own claims and their enforcement as well as avoidance of legal disputes
  • Claim management creates additional work, but is a protective mechanism
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