Citrix XenServer

What is Citrix XenServer?
Citrix XenServer is a hypervisor platform that enables the creation and management of virtualized server infrastructure. It is developed by Citrix Systems and is based on the Xen Virtual Machine Hypervisor. XenServer provides server virtualization and monitoring services. It is available in a 64-bit hypervisor platform and can run on the entire x86 processor family.

The Citrix XenServer is one of the virtualization solutions from Citrix Systems that consolidate the computing power of a physical server into several virtual machines, all of which emulate as standard servers. Citrix XenServer is designed to meet the operational needs of a standard server and supports most server operating systems such as Linux and Windows Server on guest server computers.

With its Virtual Machine Monitoring component, Citrix XenServer manages the allocation and distribution of physical server computing resources among virtual machines and manages their performance and usage.

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