Citizen Developer

What is Citizen Developer?
A citizen developer refers to an end user who creates new applications or programs from a corporate or collective code base, system, or structure. In general, this developer is not a professional developer who is paid for code applications, but rather an 'amateur', someone who uses the tools at his disposal to create applications that his team can or will use during the course Work.

Company employees who may not have specific programming skills can continue to participate in the development of applications or products in the company as citizen developers. The rationale is that a formal computer science degree is less valuable today than it used to be and that new tools such as cloud services and code abstraction platforms allow Citizen developers to program more 'on the fly' where they create applications without the specific Commissioning their employers. This leads to the problem known as 'shadow IT' where development can take place without the blessing of the company, which can affect the integrity or organization of the IT system already in place, such as a database structure. In general, proponents of such unapproved development must weigh the risks against the benefits.

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