Citizen Data Scientist

What is a Citizen Data Scientist?
A citizen data scientist is a role who analyzes data and creates data and business models for their companies using big data tools and technologies. Citizen data scientists don't necessarily have to be data science or business intelligence experts. This role is given to employees in an organization who can use the big data tools and technology to create data models.

The role of Citizen Data Scientists was created because companies faced a shortage of trained data scientists. This new role, while not replacing that of the data scientist, has proven effective in serving the purpose for which it was created. New tools and technologies are being introduced to fill the void created by the scarcity of data scientists. Such tools could create data models and provide deep insights so that companies have trained employees to use these tools. Citizen data scientists, while not considered data science experts, can use the tools to gain a variety of insights that can be useful to business.

Citizen data scientists are not intended to replace data scientists. Indeed, both roles can work together. While data scientists can find and seek new ways to create data insights, citizen data scientists can still use the tools.

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