Cisco EnergyWise

What is Cisco EnergyWise?
Cisco EnergyWise is an environmentally friendly computing technology that uses a network-based method of communicating messages that helps calculate and regulate energy between network devices and endpoints. Cisco EnergyWise technology helps the network discover Cisco EnergyWise controllable devices, monitor power consumption, and take the necessary action according to business rules to reduce power consumption.

Cisco EnergyWise uses standard protocols such as Simple Network Management Protocol and Secure Sockets Layer to work seamlessly with third-party network management systems.

With the implementation of Cisco EnergyWise Technology Solutions, users can:

Set up detailed energy management quickly and easily

Track and improve the energy consumption of a comprehensive set of devices

Reduce energy costs within the organization

Gradually reduce overall ownership expenses by conserving energy

This environmentally friendly technology has also been used to manage and optimize energy consumption in commercial buildings. The technology focuses on facilities such as heating, air conditioning and lighting. By determining how energy efficient these systems are, they can be managed more tightly and efficiently to reduce costs. By using centralized policy servers, Cisco believes that they can effectively control the efficiency of entire groups of business buildings.

The core of the solution is the Cisco Network Building Mediator, which is the physical hardware that connects the systems in a building to one another. This mediator is able to monitor up to 5,000 energy information points, each of which is a single data point, such as B. Temperature, duct pressure and cooling water flow rate (for cooling electronic devices).

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