Circuit tester

What is circuit tester?
A circuit tester is a device that plugs into an electrical outlet to ensure that it is wired correctly. A circuit tester has a series of lights that show the condition of the wiring in the outlet so the technician can verify that it has been installed correctly.

A circuit tester is also known as a socket tester or socket tester.

A circuit tester is plugged into an electrical outlet to test how it is connected. The main reason is to verify that the outlet is actually supplying AC power to a connected device. An AC outlet requires at least one live connection and one neutral connection, and most newer outlets also have a ground wire to help prevent electric shock if a device's insulation fails. A multimeter could also be used for these checks, but a circuit tester is faster and more convenient for performing basic tests. Some circuit testers can check GFCI outputs.

Circuit testers have some limitations, however: they cannot detect reversed neutral and ground cables, or a bootleg ground where the neutral and ground pins are wired together, while a multimeter can detect both.

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