Chrome Operating System (Chrome OS)

What is Chrome Operating System (Chrome OS)?
The Chrome Operating System (Chrome OS) is an operating system introduced by Google that is designed for users who spend much of their time on the Internet using web applications. It is designed around the most important principles of speed, ease of use, and security.

Since this operating system is intended solely for heavy web users, the only application included in Chrome OS is a web browser that includes a media player and file browser.

Chrome OS should not be confused with Chromium OS, an open source operating system and the parent project of Chrome OS. Unlike Chromium OS, users cannot download and install Chrome OS due to the built-in security features. Instead, Chrome OS is available as a pre-installed operating system on Google Chromebooks, which was introduced by Google together with its production partners.

Benutzer von Netbooks, Laptops und Mini-Laptops sind die größten Fans von Chrome OS. Zu den Hauptvorteilen dieses Betriebssystems zählen das blitzschnelle Web-Browsing und die Ladegeschwindigkeit, die laut Google nur acht Sekunden beträgt. Es umfasst auch Antivirus-Scans und die Möglichkeit, potenziell schädliche Websites zu erkennen. Zu den Funktionen von Google OS gehören auch automatische Updates und Sandboxing, die Malware vom Systemspeicher isoliert.

Chrome OS runs many web-based applications, but it doesn't run traditional PC software. Chrome OS developers are currently developing a free service called 'Chromoting' that will allow Chrome users to remotely access their current desktops and Macs.

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