Chrome Canary

What is Chrome Canary?
Chrome Canary is the less stable version of the Google Chrome operating system. Canary has top functions compared to developer construction. These features will be thoroughly tested before moving into the beta build. Canary gives the user a useful way to run the enhanced version of Chrome without completely committing to alpha testing.

One of the main reasons for adopting Chrome Canary is to speed up Chrome's development cycle. With the help of the public, Google can test new features and collect user feedback and statistics faster and easier. The test results, which come from users, help the Chrome team to solve problems in the software faster and to pass them on to all Chrome users.

Chrome Canary has the following basic characteristics:

It is based on the principle of a canary in a coal mine; If something kills Canary, the changes are blocked.

It's relatively less stable than the developer's build.

It contains new functions. If these are not beneficial to users, the developer will block them.

Canary can run alongside the existing version of Chrome.

Canary has a different colored icon. The browser skin is blue with a yellow icon.

Canary cannot be set as the default browser. It's just a secondary installation of Chrome.

Automatic updates occur at a high frequency.

Canary has support for multiple user profiles.

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