Chief Security Officer (CSO)

What is Chief Security Officer (CSO)?
A Chief Security Officer (CSO) manages a company's security and is the ultimate manager and custodian of a company's data, infrastructure, and all of a company's physical and digital resources. A CSO plans and implements the security policy, architecture and framework of an organization.

A CSO is an officer or officer charged with overseeing the safety of a company throughout its operations. A CSO's primary role is to plan, develop, deploy, and maintain a security architecture that meets a company's business goals.

A CSO manages physical and information security (IS). The responsibility for physical security includes implementing secure access control and authentication mechanisms in all physical or office facilities in the organization. IS tasks include networking, data, and the organization's other logical or digital resources.

A CSO differs from a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in that the former covers comprehensive security parameters, while the latter only focuses on IT security.

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